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Chateau Monestier La Tour

Monestier La Tour
"Bergerac Wines"
F-24240 Monestier
Dordogne - France
Tel. +33 553 241 843
Fax +33 553 241 814

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Tour de Monestier - Bergerac sec   Château Monestier La Tour - Bergerac sec   Château Monestier La Tour - Saussignac
Château Monestier La Tour
Dry White Bergerac
Château Monestier La Tour
Terres Vieilles
Dry White Bergerac
Château Monestier La Tour

A fresh, dry wine, with great aromatic definition and very good length on the palate.
A wine to be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a meal, it goes perfectly with grilled fish, seafood, also with hard cheeses.
Coming from old vines, this wine shows complex, floral, fruity flavours, subtly supported by a fleshy structure acquired by barrel ageing.
To be enjoyed with roast poultry, fish cooked in sauce, blanquette de veau, fresh goat’s cheese or fruit tarts.
With opulent aromas and rich and complex flavours, this is a great sweet white wine.
It goes perfectly with foie gras, it is also excellent with blue cheeses, well matured goat’s cheese, and is astonishingly good with dark chocolate soufflet.

Création Lambert
Photos : Alain Vacheron
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