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Chateau Monestier La Tour

Monestier La Tour
"Bergerac Wines"
F-24240 Monestier
Dordogne - France
Tel. +33 553 241 843
Fax +33 553 241 814

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Our wines are not fined or filtered so as to preserve as much character as possible in the wine. Our range reflects the diversity of plots we have at the estate. Each wine therefore expresses the authenticity of a unique terroir.

Château Monestier La Tour - Cuvée de Navarre   Emily - Côtes de Bergerac rouge
Château Monestier La Tour
  Château Monestier La Tour
Côtes de Bergerac

Intense and deep in color, the wine shows a complex nose, dark fruits and cherry notes with earthy undernotes.
The merlot brings freshness, the cabernet franc its elegance, the Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon its structure.
A powerful and well balanced red wine.
Ageing potential 5 years.
Strength, concentration, elegance and generosity, are the adjectives which sum up this magnificent wine.
The first impression is supple and fresh, giving way to an opulent and complex wine blessed with a silky structure and with deep and delicate tannins.
The fruit of goldsmith, it expresses perfectly our “terroir”.
Superb on a marinated board, with venison or with a marinated lamb.

Création Lambert
Photos : Alain Vacheron
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